Focus Marine hunt October 24th – 29th, 2016

focus_marine_hunt_2016October 24th through the 29th we had our last event for the year 2016.

Six Marines where scheduled to come, but three had family emergencies come up and were unable to attend.
The hunt went well, all had chances at bucks, With one large six pointer getting harvested.

This hunt turned out to be the most successful one we have hosted.

Not because of the deer count but by the healing that happened around the dinner table! I can’t go into details, just letting you know it was incredibly powerful !

A great big thank you to our volunteers.
Ernest Lillo who took care of the mechanical needs of the camp.

Kevin Lillo for getting the camp ready for our guests

Mike Buck camp cook

Mark Hammond camp cook

Greg Bolden spending time with our guests

It is because of your efforts Camp Ryan Adams was able to serve our veterans!

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