100% of your donation goes to Camp Ryan Adams. Click on image to play video

100% of your donation goes to Camp Ryan Adams.
Click on image to play video

FocusMarineHunt_Cabin1“LET THE HEALING BEGIN”

The mission of Camp Ryan Adams is to facilitate the emotional healing in the outdoors of disabled and wounded individuals and their families.  Special emphasis is focused on U.S.A. Military Veterans.  The camp’s environment and activities promote fellowship, community and new relationships.

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Our 501-C3

CRA paperwork EIN 501C3 Camp Ryan Adams events are designed to facilitate the healing process using God’s creation as our doctor, nurse and/or therapist.  Each Memorial Day we dutifully notice the flags and white crosses.  May those who freely gave their life inspire us to now care for the wounded who returned.

We have received more from our veterans going to foreign lands than we could ever repay.

We acknowledge that the VA system is structured to administer to our veterans needs and genuinely tries to facilitate emotional healing.  Many private entities such as “Focus on Marines” and “Camp Hero” (CRA mentors) are better suited to address the emotional issues that our “world Conflicts” precipitate for our veterans.  Camp Ryan Adams’ like them, need private funds to exercise and facilitate our giving back.

Here are some examples of our events for veterans.

fishingguide_wolfpackVolunteer fishing guides took the Wolf Pack Medics out onto the lake for a day.

While the fishing was a bit slow, the guys spent valuable time reuniting and catching up on what everyone’s been up to since their return from war. Being outdoors together is a key element of the mission of Camp Ryans Adams. Nothing calms the spirit like a sunny afternoon on still waters in the company of people you really care for.


Cookout_wolfpackFriends of Camp Ryan Adams

(Mark and Nancee) came over one evening and prepared an amazing multi-course meal for the group. We can’t do what we do without the generosity of our supporters!



FB_IMG_1441214231558The week ended with a visit to The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsvillve, WI (www.thehighground.org).

The memorial is paved with stones with the names of Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts throughout history. Were it not for the efforts of these medics, there would be more stones embedded in the walkway.

Combat Medics serve in a way that is often not front-and-center, but the impact they have is incredible. Many survive only because of their professional care.

The Persian Gulf Tribute is still under construction, so the guys were asked to sign one of the construction footings. It was certainly a sobering moment.