CRA goals and hopes

xarmy-login-4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.U9I4-6yygVCamp Ryan Adams goals and hopes for the persons attending camp.

  • Make sure persons know they are welcome and not alone!
  • To help guide persons to a path of healing through camaraderie and the full use of nature and the outdoors.
  • To build a bond with others that can be lost after a tragic life event.
  • To utilise the peaceful acreage of cra and surrounding lands and facilities to the utmost potential the lands and facilities have to offer.
  • To teach as well as learn from others how the proper use of such a place can have a truly positive life changing effect on individuals.
  • To build strong family values as well as strong family and individual networking (you will always have someone to talk to).
  • Bring passion and empowerment to individuals who feel they may no longer be capable or simply lost the will to continue the use of the outdoors.
  • Build a future and save such a beautiful organization for generations to come to have such a place to be safe and utilize all it has and will continue to have to offer.
  • A place where individuals can be themselves and not be judged.
  • To leave knowing they have friends and a place to come for the rest of their days.

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